Lately Turkey has drawn attention with it’s wide spread protests and political lunacy, before that it was known primarily for it’s landscape and culture. Anatolia, the ancient land Turkey is situated on has been called home by hundreds of civilizations and has been a mosaic of art and history. So what brings it to the attention of DJBroadcast, as this is certainly not a history class? Since the country is once again a hotspot of interest for its cultural movements we decided to do our take on an unexplored territory; the constantly progressing alternative electronic music scene.

After a simple search on the Internet it’s possible to find a few short articles on the electronic music scene in Turkey, these limited features often focus on the off-topic points such as politics and ethnicity within music. The texts merely highlight the interaction between Sufi and electronic music as well as the self-explanatory genre, ethnic-electro.

The Pioneers
Strip away this orientalist view and what is the big picture really like? How did such a traditional society embrace such a new approach at all? The people of Turkey enjoy heart-felt organic sounds, represented mainly by instruments such as the…(link below)