I’m not sure how I came across Grup Ses Beats. All I know is once I’d heard a few tracks I had to know more. I embarked on a cyber-manhunt only to discover the act was part of Distortion’s 2013 lineup. Clicking the link, the Festival offered this enlightening biography: “Mysterious Turkish People.”

Yes, there are people behind Grup Ses Beats. Turkish people. Or more accurately, one super-talented Turkish producer, known for making instrumental hip-hop tracks and sampling Turkish rock from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Citing J Dilla and Dimlite as influences, Grup Ses Beats’ inspiration is obvious, but the sound is all his own. And it’s part of a bigger sound emerging from the likes of Istanbul and Ankara.

Let’s be clear: the rise of Turkish electronic music isn’t entirely new, the same way Turkey’s recent political turmoil didn’t just happen overnight. The scene has been developing for some time. It hasn’t lacked talent, but what it has lacked is ears…