“…Heartsparxx who is kind of hard to define; a dash of The Weeknd with his pleasantly-oldschool, soulful R&B vocals, accompanied by an alt-R&B texture may begin to help define his instinctual formula. Off-beat rhythms which we would like to hear more; calm vocals and synths with a retro touch; forms his impressive track “Your Love” which is almost healing while being soothing and provocative at the same time. All this brings us to the fact that the healing -or exorcism as you may like to call it in the successful video of the track; isn’t as random as it may seem at first glance. Fauna did the interview below with Heartsparxx however we don’t have anything more to say than what you will read. The cloud of mystery surrounding the talented musician wasn’t cleared after our brief (okay maybe too brief) online research but it definitely goes along well with his sound. Dark, serene, eerie; if these are what you’re looking for you can find it in the EP “Your Love”. The haunting remixes of Baker Aaron, Sami Baha, Sotu the Traveler, Levni and Nodul are just the cherry on top of it all.”

(Taken from “This Is Our Fauna” review)


Heartsparxx – Your Love (Official video)
Directed by: Craig Callison & Berk Cakmakci