RBMA Radio’nun sunduğu ‘Meze’ programına Tektosag Records olarak konuk olduk. Kaan Duzarat’a bizi ağırladığı için çok teşekkür ederiz. /// We were on the second episode of Redbull Music Academy Radio’s ‘Meze’ show. Massive thanks to Kaan Düzarat for having us.

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This new edition of Meze welcomes Tektosag Records. The Istanbul based label was launched in 2010 and gained notoriety for releasing a broad variety of genres. In 2012, Tektosag started a sublabel called ’Davulun Sesi’, which primarily focuses on talented Turkish beatmakers such as Grup Ses Beats, Gantz, Sami Baha, Nodul, Academy graduates Dalt Wisney and Tufan Demir, and more. In this episode, Tektosag honchos Koray Kantarcı, Utku Onal and Ahmet Turk talk about the distinctive sounds of their label roster, and the importance of embracing and reflecting one’s local musical roots.

Taking its name from the delicious and multi-faceted staples of Turkish cuisine, Meze hosts globally renowned Turkish musicians that have provided inspiration worldwide: from the 1970s through to the current day. The foundation for the show is Turkish psychedelic music, also known as Anadolu Pop – a genre that was originally conceived in the 70s and 80s in Turkey and has become widely sampled by artists around the world, cropping up in everything from hip hop and r ‘n’ b to indie bands and electronic music. The program features both inspirational points of departure from seasoned Turkish artists, as well as up-and-coming young musicians, along with interviews and selections. Meze is lovingly prepared and hosted by Kaan Düzarat, a graduate of the Red Bull Music Academy.

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