This is the first dublab transmisson from Istanbul based artist Grup Ses Beats. The first half of the mix is dedicated to contemporary Turkish electronic music producers and the second half includes original productions by Grup Ses Beats. We are proud to share these incredible sounds, especially in light of the recent lock down on social media by the Turkish government. Currently, both Twitter & YouTube have been banned in the country. We are especially thankful to have the opportunity to provide a platform for these creative musicians to share their work. Art and bright ideas should be free flowing across the universe.

1- 2/5bz: Anadolog
2- Ethnique Punch & Stormtrap Asifeh: Zerk
3- Ethnique Punch: Kanat
4- roadside.picnic: Olacak is degil (Instrumental)
5- El mahdy Jr.: Mehtaab
6- Da Poet: Garip
7- Nodul: Aunts
8- Gökalp K: Ada
9- Gökalp K: Mor+Anagram
10- Levni: SSS
11- Sotu the Traveller: Hoodia
12- Sami Baha: Yonga
13- Dalt Wisney: Falling Hearts
14- Iskeletor: Gak
15- Iskeletor: Afromax (Gantz Seytan Remix)

1- Selections from Grup Ses Beats Productions

Catch more mixes from Grup Ses Beats on Mixcloud and original productions on Soundcloud. Also be sure to check out Istanbul based label Tektosag, home to many of the artists featured in this mix. Original art for this archive by Bora Başkan.